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bullet Water pipe repair

Water pipe repair from a ruptured pipe or leak should be addressed immediately. As with all water damage, sitting water leads to mold, which can be very aggressive and hard to contain and clean once it gets into the drywall and insulation. In addition, a leaking pipe can start small and become very large, sometimes needing a complete system overhaul if the problem is not repaired properly.

Here are some things you should know about water pipe repair and leaks

  •  Plumbing systems usually donít fail overnight: A number of things can happen. If the leak is being caused from corrosion, one large leak or several small pinhole leaks can develop and ultimately lead to major repairs.
  •  Small leaks can lead to scaling, in which minerals build up and eventually form a detrimental lining that decreases pipe diameter, reducing water flow to a trickle.
  •  Pipe repair done by homeowners or people who are not experts in this type of water pipe repair canít effectively remove all mineral build-up, which is why itís always important to call an expert.
  •  Reversing corrosion is a longer process than fixing a leak, so homeowners are eventually forced to overhaul entire systems with a complete re-piping. This is why timing is very important and why we respond quickly to any type of water pipe repair needs.

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