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bullet Soot Cleaning

Soot is a visible, oily substance that stains easily. Soot removal and cleanup after a fire or from your fireplace can be tedious and difficult.

Soot needs to be cleaned up immediately before it “sets” and becomes hard to remove. There are also numerous health risks involved with allowing soot and ash to permeate your home as a result of puffbacks.

Signs of soot problems

  •  Soot leaves a stain that’s not only unpleasant to look at, but leaves a trace on your hand when touched. The invisible effects are more serious, as they can cause health problems to you and your family, especially those with weakened immune systems and young children.
  •  Soot is full of chemicals and acids that destroy most things they come in contact with, including clothes, furniture, drapes, paint and other family belongings.
  •  Soot and ash can corrode electrical wiring, as well as leave a smell that seeps into every corner of your home and is very difficult to remove.

Health risks

  •  The air carries airborne particles of soot and ash from surfaces and fabrics and disperses it throughout the house. An infestation will cause serious health problems when the particles are consistently inhaled.
  •  Soot sometimes does not have a strong smell, and can only be detected by a professional’s instruments. Any indoor fireplace that has been used for years can cause soot buildup and health risks.

Clean up

  •  Soot Cleaning - It's best to leave your cleanup to professionals who have the equipment and expertise to get the job done correctly.

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