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Smoke & Fire Odor Removal

One of the first steps in the restoration process after a fire is smoke odor removal. Smoke is an invisible threat that lingers long after the fire, infiltrating your home and absorbing into the walls, floors, clothes, rugs, furniture and more.

Emergency Contractors has the knowledge and training to find and remove smoke damage so you can get on with your life and return to your home knowing the environment is safe.

Here are some tips for clean up and to help your family return home:

  • Removing Smoke Odor: Smoke can seep into everything, including air ducts and insulation. The air trapped within your walls is the most common hiding spot.
  • Professional Smoke Restoration: A company who deals with professional restoration after a fire is the best option for fast results.
  • Reputation: The company you hire should have a stellar track record and a list of referrals, as well as work with your insurance company to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Learn more about our credentials here.
  • Clothing & Furniture: Dry cleaning can remove smoke odor from most of your clothes but not your furniture. Furniture requires professional cleaning to effectively remove all odor and soot.

Contact us to learn more about smoke restoration on Cape Cod, MA.

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