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bullet Oil Burner Puffbacks

Fire Damage - Smoke Damage - Emergency Repairs - Fire and Smoke Restoration

Kitchen fires, oil burner puffbacks, fireplace malfunctions or a blocked chimney can all create soot damage and smoke damage that need professional attention

Soot needs to be cleaned up immediately before it “sets” and becomes hard to remove. There are also numerous health risks involved with allowing soot and ash to permeate your home as a result of puffbacks.

A puffback, or delayed ignition, occurs when your furnace or oil burner malfunctions. A puffback occurs gradually, over time, before you ever realize your furnace or burner is malfunctioning.

It is important to have a trained technician come out to look at the property thought to be affected by puffback and possible fire, ash and soot damage so the problem can be assessed. We will then work with you on a plan of action to restore your property and make your home safe and healthy for your family.

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