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bullet Flooded Basement

Water Damage Restoration is our specialty. Flooded basements can happen at any time and pose major health risks such as mold and damage to personal property. Our LIVE operators promise prompt callback and to have a crew on site within one hour.

Our primary concern is getting rid of the water and drying out your home. This could include removing all wet drywall, insulation and flooring, as well as placing fans and dehumidifiers throughout your home.

Your personal items also receive the same care and attention. Antiques, artwork, rugs, electronics, and clothing are all inventoried, cleaned, and dried by our trained crews.

We will also handle all direct insurance billing if this is a claim. If you do not have insurance or basement flood repair is not covered, our fair and honest pricing assures we will work with you to get the job done for a price you can afford.

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