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bullet Carpet water damage

Flooded carpet, wet carpet removal and carpet water damage is a nuisance no homeowner wants to be faced with. Unfortunately, these things happen. When they do, it is imperative to remember safety first.

Steps to follow when you come upon wet carpet or a flooded room include

  •  Turn off the breaker servicing the water damaged area and try to find the source of the water. Turn it off if you can.
  •  Remove anything in contact with the wet carpet to prevent further damage and stains. Place tinfoil under the legs of furniture and try not to walk on the carpet. If the source of the water is not clean, you can further contaminate your home by spreading the water.
  •  Call the experts immediately! Water extraction can be performed, along with professional drying equipment, which can minimize damage if caught early enough.
  •  If the problem is caught and addressed within 48 hours, depending on the source of the water, wet carpet removal or drying wet carpet can take place, and in some cases, the carpet can be saved.

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